Mind over Matter: Stuff I cared about at the time

  • Peruvian Monolith

  • World’s Most Finicky Town

    This morning finds us awakening in Morris, IL at the Comfort Inn. Morris is home to the Dresden Nuclear Generating Plant, and I did a little research to see how far away from us it is, but it would take about half an hour to get there. Would love to drive by and at least […]

  • Ann Arbor to Morris

    Today, we drove from Ann Arbor, MI to Morrtis, IL, en route to Peru to visit with my 98 year old grandmother. We flew out to IL about five years ago to visit, and she was still in her own home in Oglesby back then, but the morning before we arrived to visit, she had […]

  • The Wholesome Midwest

    Plenty of billboards like this. Not as many as for fireworks, but still…

  • Women, Men, ???

  • On The Road Again

    We had planned to hit the famous Kellogg’s Cereal City factory tour today, as it is one of the most celebrated on our route. But as Susan was reading the description to the kids at breakfast, she came to the end of the article which stated (paraphrasing) “This attraction is closed, but we’ve left the […]

  • Picture Posting

    I mentioned the router before. One of the laptops that connects to the router acts mainly as a server, running tasks in the background, and sitting unobtrusively in the trunk. When everything is working well, I can take pictures from in and around the car, and the Eye-Fi card in the camera will send them […]

  • Continental Breakfast

    We didn’t make it as far yesterday as we had hoped, largely due to a lengthy wait to cross the border into Canada. Then a short while after we had made it, we ran into heavy traffic due to an accident. But when we got up this morning, the day looked fine, and we had […]

  • Did you think Niagara would be Dry?

    We visited Niagara Falls today! And as Sam warned us, it truly is more spectacular in person than photos would indicate. When we left our hotel this morning, it was 80 degrees and sunny. By the time we got to Niagara, we had driven through some rain and the temp had dropped 12 degrees. When […]

  • Shhhhhh…

    Rochester, NY: Thanks to fabulous light blocking curtains and a late night at the hotel pool, it’s 8:00 a.m. and the girls are still sleeping!! (Tyler is reading nicely with a little book light.) Get Up!! Time to go to Niagara Falls!