Across Minnesota

Today, we ventured across the entire state of Minnesota, with only a couple of stops. We stopped at a Dairy Queen in the late morning for a treat, then for gas later in the afternoon. We covered a lot of ground today, and the kids held up well. Tomorrow also promises to be a long driving day.

2 responses to “Across Minnesota”

  1. Hi! Happy 4th of July! I was doing some research on “America the Beautiful” and found out that Katherine Lee Bates wrote it after she come down (by carriage) from Pikes Peak in 1893! Did you know that? She had gone across country from MA to CO – like you guys! – by train and was awed by the “amber waves of grain” in Kansas and then the “purple mountain majesties” of the Rockies.
    Hugs to all of you! C.

  2. Thanks for the holiday greetings! We are on the way from De Smet to Keystone at the moment, and we’ve been enjoying amber waves of grain, and many corn fields, and oats, and soy, etc. Did not know the story about “America the Beautiful.”