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  • Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

    Susan and I are fans of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. We can’t always stay up late enough to watch both, but we often at least watch the Daily Show. And those we miss, we often catch in re-runs, given how frequent their vacations are. (On a side note, as I told a […]

  • #Rally4Sanity On our way home

    We took a quick walking tour around DC after the rally, which may have killed our chances of making our plane. But hopefully not. The subway was both broken and miserably packed. We’re on a commuter bus now on our way to BWI for our 7:20 flight.

  • #Rally4Sanity Slight Miscalculation

    Apparently the MARC Commuter train doesn’t run on Saturdays. We were able to get Amtrak tix to DC which will get us there by about 10:30, but getting back to the airport will be a bit more problematic…

  • #Rally4Sanity

    Emma and I are preparing to fly to DC tomorrow for Jon Stewart’s (and/or Stephen Colbert’s) rally. We got a cheap flight on Southwest so our travel costs are just under $200, plus it looks like about $24 for rail transit from BWI to DC.

  • Longest Bike Ride Ever

    Yesterday, to celebrate Independence Day (observed), we went to Crane Beach up in Ipswich. Avoiding the hottest part of the day, we went mid-afternoon and stayed until early evening. It was a good day to be at the beach, but the ocean water there, Brrrr! still cold. The rest of the family drove the van […]

  • Goodbye, Marion…

    Today, we said goodbye to Marion: We adopted Marion back in October of 1991, and we’ve shared two homes and eighteen and a half years together. Marion was there to greet each of our three children when they arrived home from the hospital. She was pretty successful in ignoring them for most of the past […]

  • Thud.

    Went to watch a “Piano Drop” this evening at MIT Baker House. A semi-regular (based on availability of irreparable pianos) event, though none occurred during my four years there. I brought Clara and Tyler with me, thinking it would be a hoot for them. There were plenty of people there, news crews included, and a […]

  • iPad, therefore iAm

    I ordered an iPad the first day that Apple was taking orders. I thought (still think…) it will make a great internet appliance for my elderly mom, who has no real experience with computers. Some of those characteristics that are perceived as negatives for techies I think will be positives for her. It has a […]

  • House Update

    Over the winter, we had our old two-level back porch torn down and replaced. The old porches were getting a bit soft in the wood, and of course required regular maintenance (mostly painting). We also wanted to make them larger and hence more usable, in addition to creating a third level deck to complement the […]

  • Basement Project

    We had our favorite contractor do a quick “facelift” of our basement. Removed one partition wall, added a new one and a small, additional partition to create a laundry area for the first floor apartment. Hopefully, we can create an inviting space for the kids to be able to play down there without a complete […]