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  • Useful

    On Thursday (2 days ago) I ordered an electronics prototyping kit based around an Atmel ATmega8U2 microcontroller. The kit is called an Arduino, and I ordered it from Adafruit Industries (funny name, I know), and paid for UPS ground shipping. I’m glad I didn’t pay for 2-day or 3-day “Priority” shipping, because it arrived Friday, […]

  • We’re An American Brand!

    Growing up, my mom always bought me Toughskins. They may have had their own ads, but boy did I lust after Levis. I couldn’t even bother to ask — I knew there wasn’t enough money to buy me “expensive” pants. There did come a point however, maybe it was junior high, when there was perhaps […]

  • Turning the Tables

    For my recent (45th, but who’s counting…) birthday, I received a gift that I specifically requested — a deluxe box set of the Decemberists’ latest release, The King is Dead. Among other items, it features a pressing on “180 gram white vinyl” which is very cool. Records are making something of a comeback, among audiophiles […]

  • Enough Already!

    So apparently, this past month, we recorded the 3rd highest snowfall total for a January in Boston. Impressive. I am not generally a winter whiner — I put up with the cold, and the snow. I shovel, I snowblow; I sand and salt; I dress warmly. My 4-wheel drive pickup gets me through most conditions. […]

  • January Hymn

    On a winter’s Sunday I go, To clear away the snow, And green the ground below. On Friday night, Susan and I went with friends to see our favorite band, the Decemberists, play at the House of Blues in Boston. It was a fun night, which started with dinner at the H.o.B. The opening act […]

  • Blizzard, Part II

    Here are a few pics post clean up. [set_id=72157625811120546]

  • Blizzard of 2011

    Well that was fast! Two weeks and a day after the last blizzard of 2010 comes the first one of 2011. Working at home today, but still decided to brave the weather and get coffee at the Starbucks around the corner. Here are a few pictures from the walk. Mind you, the overnight snow was […]

  • Blizzard of 2010

    Yesterday morning we were greeted with a not unexpected dumping of snow. It began in earnest around sundown on Sunday, and snowed through the night. I went out to shovel this morning when it seemed to have stopped, but just as soon as I got started, the snow decided to make a second effort. It’s […]

  • In Memoriam: Paul James Stewart, Jr. (1929-2010)

    My father died this past Veteran’s Day, at the nursing home he lived at just over a month. He had not been well, but I think we were blind to how quickly he was going downhill. He suffered from Parkinson’s and dementia, but after countless neurological consults, nobody could apply a definitive label to his […]

  • Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

    Susan and I are fans of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. We can’t always stay up late enough to watch both, but we often at least watch the Daily Show. And those we miss, we often catch in re-runs, given how frequent their vacations are. (On a side note, as I told a […]