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Enough Already!

So apparently, this past month, we recorded the 3rd highest snowfall total for a January in Boston. Impressive. I am not generally a winter whiner — I put up with the cold, and the snow. I shovel, I snowblow; I sand and salt; I dress warmly. My 4-wheel drive pickup gets me through most conditions. Part of me misses our old Audi wagon, as the Honda Odyssey definitely isn’t as sure footed.

But this year, we’ve had storm after storm, usually on Wednesdays which complicates clearing the snow and commuting. I spent a good part of late Friday afternoon shoveling snow off our third floor deck. There was between 2 and 3 feet of snow all over the 9’x12′ surface. It was a lot of work to shovel all that snow and chuck it over the railing way into the back yard. Thankfully, the snow storm that was anticipated for Saturday devolved into a small rain storm. We ended up having a weekend of mostly snow melt, which was sorely needed.

When I went out to get muffins this morning (a Sunday tradition), I brought my camera along and took some pictures. These are after some melting, so imagine the piles a foot higher or so, and no pavement visible, etc. Note how far out into the street the banks are.







2 responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. Doug Avatar

    God is either punishing us for something, or He’s helping us avoid a drought this coming summer.

    1. tastewar Avatar

      I always tell people (mom, especially) to be grateful for the precipitation, as it’s helping fill the reservoirs, which were noticably low in the fall. So yes, we need the moisture.