Category: Trip Log

  • Travel Day

    On Thursday after school/work, our good family friend Alexx drive us to the airport. We arrived around 4:00 for our scheduled 6:10 boarding and 6:40 flight. The Air Canada section of the terminal was small and quite crowded, but we were able to find 4 seats relatively close together. And after a flight or two […]

  • Feature Creep

    I’ve added a couple of new pages (see the “tabs” along the top) for a photo gallery and a map showing pictures along our route. Enjoy!

  • Statistics

    7593 miles (~375 gallons of gas, ~$920)

  • Fin.

    We arrived yesterday at about 2:15 p.m. Feels good to be home, but we had some floors refinished while we were gone, so that meant lots of furniture to move before we could settle in. Which leaves today for unpacking, tomorrow for “rest,” then Monday it’s back to work!

  • 98.5% There

    Yesterday was our longest driving day, covering about 465 miles, and leaving about 120 miles for today. We are currently having a relaxing morning with my parents in North Haven, Connecticut.

  • New Record!

    4 states in just over half an hour. Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

  • Turkey Truck

    I don’t think it’s a joyride…

  • 81 78 287 15 Hut, Hut, Hike!

    This morning we leave behind our nth Comfort Inn and head northeast, our intended route to North Haven, Connecticut documented in the post title.

  • Decision Time…

    This morning, we must decide whether we spend any time in Shenandoah National Park, head to Hershey Park, or just book on home. We won’t make it home today, but if we were to go to Hershey, that would make a long travel day on Friday. If we head for home, we might stop at […]

  • Shaving Hotel Costs

    In two or three of the hotels we’ve visited, the pop-up drain plug has been missing. In two or three others, the sink wouldn’t hold water in spite of the presence of a plug. This makes shaving rather less efficient. I tried to fix one of the non-water-holding ones, but failed. Are the missing ones […]