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  • Virginia is for Lovers. Of Rain.

  • The View From My Window

    Andrew Sullivan’s blog posts a picture, at least daily it seems, showing the view out of people’s windows. Submission guidelines say they rarely accept the view out of car windows, but that’s what I think of posting this. This is my view this morning

  • Heading Home…

    Well, that about does it. We had a lovely, lovely stay with Jenni and family, but at this point the kids are somewhat burned out on travel and homesick. So, instead of a leisurely trip northeast along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we will be hitting the interstates and making time. Back soon!

  • Tubin’ On The Creek

    On Tuesday morning, we drove back to the Visitors’ Center to finish off the kids’ Junior Ranger requirements, and got them sworn in. We then headed across the park to a picnic area where there was also a hike to a waterfall. We had a nice lunch, but we never got around to the hike, […]

  • It Was All I Hoped It Would Be

    We got to have a nice relaxed Monday mornin’, with no need to get on the road and make mileage. After a nice breakfast, Susan and Jenni packed some lunches and we headed into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was a bit of a drive, and getting down the hill that we’re on […]

  • Smokies

    After our boat ride, we headed back on I-40 East and drove right out of Tennessee into North Carolina. We are staying at the home of the uncle of our friend Jenni. It was billed as a “cabin” so we were thinking it would be somewhat rustic, but it is anything but. And this is […]

  • Showboat!

    Yesterday, we went on a short river cruise up the Cumberland River on the General Jackson Showboat for lunch and a show by Tim Watson called Fiddlin’ Around, which was an hour or so of music and comedy that we all enjoyed. Tim put on a good show, though apparently not much different than what […]

  • Whapped WAP

    As I mentioned earlier, my pictures were uploading to flickr very slowly last night, and when I woke up, I was not surprised to see that the upload had failed. I started it up again, and it failed on the second picture. After a couple more iterations, I decided to take another tack, and connect […]

  • Title Bout

    I didn’t write anything last night because I couldn’t think of a good title. Well, that and the fact that my pictures are uploading slower in this hotel than they do through my mobile connection. But still cheaper, to be sure. Here we are in Nashville! We spent the night in a Comfort Inn, and […]

  • Lunch!

    We stopped at a nice rest area for lunch. We made PB&J sandwiches for the kids and tuna & potato salad sandwiches, since we lacked any other dressing.