Return from Which Mountain?

From Villars, of course! In the morning, we had much better views of the Alps, which are incredibly breathtaking!

We spent a leisurely morning having breakfast and packing up at the chalet, then we took the local shuttle bus into town mostly to do some shopping for souvenirs. After wearying of shopping, we stopped at a local cafe for a snack before taking the train back to Bex, and then Geneva. The railway between Bex and Villars is surprisingly steep, and is therefore a cog (or rack) railway.

We did a little grocery shopping, and then returned to our home base, where we relaxed a bit, then prepared a simple dinner of bread, cheese, and salami, along with some fruits and vegetables. A short while later, Clara realized this was simply insufficient, so she and Tyler went out and tracked down a salami sandwich. For dessert, we later feasted on left over birthday cake and ice cream.