Old Town Geneva

Today, we met Emma at Bel Air,

and walked from there past all the high-end watch and designer stores. We went into a couple, but it was hard to feel comfortable looking at $10,000+ watches, with well dressed security guards all around, etc. We spent more time in the Swatch store, where we bought Tyler a souvenir, and a watch to give to Clara as a graduation present. From there, we walked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, and looked at some of the sights, then had lunch at the Spaghetti Factory, followed by actually going into the Cathedral and taking the tower tour.

Climbing bell towers is one of our favorite activities when visiting Europe, affording great views of the surrounding city. We probably have over 100 pictures from our brief time there.  After the Cathedral, we walked into the courtyard of the Geneva City Hall briefly, and stopped at Café Bar La Clémence for a quick beverage break.

From there, we walked through a park with the longest continuous wooden bench in the world,

and down to the famous monument, the Reformation Wall.

And for a really special ending to our big day out, Emma brought us to the the Patinoire des Bastions where there is a small outdoor skating rink where you can rent skates for CHF2, and everyone had a grand time!

From there, we walked back to our apartment via Bel Air. After a short down time, we headed out for our one fancy dinner for the week, at the Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge. It was a long, leisurely European dinner. We shared a bottle of local wine, a 2016 Gamay Mondeuse, and we had a variety of meals from steak medallions to a fish souffle, followed by Tiramisu and Creme Brulee for dessert.

Then we topped off the evening with an unintentional viewing of part of the Transformers movie, complete with French subtitles.