Today, we ventured into the Alps! We took a train from Geneva at 7:30,

changed trains twice, and arrived in Villars by 10:00. We explored the town a bit, dropped our luggage at our chalet, then had some lunch at Cookie Deli.

After lunch, we rented some ski equipment for the kids, bought lift tickets, and sent them on their way!

It was a little nerve-wracking, as it was Tyler’s first time skiing. But in fact we’ve not been there for any of our kids’ first ski experiences. It’s just that in Emma’s and Clara’s cases, they were in the hands of experienced skiers. In Tyler’s case, he was in the hands of his competent, but minimally experienced sisters. In any case, we didn’t let our anxiety get the best of us

It was insanely foggy, and often times you couldn’t see a block ahead on the road. Certainly no scenery was visible at all! We wondered about the visibility for our skiers. All went well, of course, but we did see someone else being carried onto the train back to town on a litter.

We stayed in a Swiss chalet, La Griotte, which was super fun. We all shared one room with a double bed and three twins, and the bathrooms were shared. We got to go into the basement TV room to watch some of the Olympics.

That picture is from the following morning, and our room is behind the window on the second floor. It was cute and cozy, and the host, Rita, was wonderful, and provided us with a lovely breakfast spread the following morning!

Dinner was at a small Italian restaurant about 100m away, called Pasta & Basta which provided us with good food. Clara had pizza, Tyler and I had pasta, and Susan and Emma had a Swiss specialty, Rösti, which is a pan fried dish of grated potatoes along with other things. Good food, especially for our hungry skiers (even if they did have some delicious crepes earlier).