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Did you think Niagara would be Dry?

We visited Niagara Falls today!

And as Sam warned us, it truly is more spectacular in person than photos would indicate. When we left our hotel this morning, it was 80 degrees and sunny. By the time we got to Niagara, we had driven through some rain and the temp had dropped 12 degrees. When we arrived, we were practically forced into a commercial parking lot rather than the one for the state park, by an aggressive flag man. In the end, the parking fee was the same, but we had to walk through a commercial Visitor Center that was made to appear as though it were the official one, and we were given quite a  hard sell on a bus tour. In the end, we decided to hoof it, and walked to a bunch of the attractions there.

Here’s a taste







12 responses to “Did you think Niagara would be Dry?”

  1. Tongue-stir Avatar

    Sounds like you were on the American side of the falls. The Canadian side is less commercial and has a lot of beautiful gardens. And I don’t recall paying for parking on the Canadian side.

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Indeed we were on the American side. Overall, we had a good experience though. This is a very hit-and-run vacation, and all of these places could be enjoyed much more fully than we are.

  2. Sam Avatar

    I think you’ll find that lots of the places you’re going to will be jaw-dropping in person regardless of how many pictures or movies you’ve seen of them.

    And it looks like you’re off to a great start although I hope the rainy weather doesn’t stay with you. We’re doing our best to keep it here in the Boston area!

    1. tastewar Avatar

      The rain has been following us all the way, but not continuously. It poured buckets on us between Port Huron and Detroit, but it was sunny when we got out of the car in Dearborn. I should do a post just on Rain-X, which was about the last thing I did before we left (apply Rain-X to the windows). It’s one of the few products that I consider amazing. It makes driving in the rain a completely different experience.

  3. Doug Pratt Avatar
    Doug Pratt

    Yeah, but passports would be required to cross the border and save on parking!

    1. tastewar Avatar

      In fact, we did cross into Canada with our passports, and spent the night in Burlington, ONT. But we didn’t do much other than spend a night in a hotel. In the morning we walked along the shore of Lake Ontario before heading out again. Paid for gas by the liter (just to confuse us Americans). It took about an hour to get across the bridge and through customs on the way into Canada, and quite a bit less to get out.

  4. Christine Avatar

    Man, do you look cute!!! and damp!!!!

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Well, I won’t speak to the cuteness, but I can confirm the dampness!

  5. Huber/Wilde Avatar

    We never got to go that near the falls – lucky! Did you see the waves lapping backwards at the top of the falls? Hope you’re having fun!
    Your friend, Isaac

    How loud was it? How long did you stay there? It’s raining here, too. We miss you!
    Your friend, Keziah

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Hi Isaac and Keziah! Hmm… Didn’t notice backwards lapping waves. We’ll have to go back and check! 😉 And it was very loud when you were close. Definitely had to shout to be heard.

  6. Dad Rowell Avatar
    Dad Rowell

    I hope you learned all about the hydroelectric plant, and the country’s largest pumped storage project – Tuscarora has 2000 megawatts!

    1. tastewar Avatar

      I warned Susan that we’d be in big trouble if we didn’t check out the hydroelectric plant…