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Continental Breakfast

We didn’t make it as far yesterday as we had hoped, largely due to a lengthy wait to cross the border into Canada. Then a short while after we had made it, we ran into heavy traffic due to an accident. But when we got up this morning, the day looked fine, and we had a room in a hotel (Travelodge) right along the western shore of Lake Ontario.

After our “continental” breakfast (on what continent do they serve cellophane wrapped Sara Lee muffins? Oh, that would be North America…), we had a lovely walk along the shoreline, and took some fun pictures which I subsequently accidentally deleted. Argh. As we say in the software industry, that was a “cockpit error” and not a failure of technology.

We then paid for liters of gasoline with Canadian dollars, extinguishing any hope of mentally converting the price. Best that way, probably. We followed the QEW to the 402, stopping briefly for some snacks at a grocery store

Then after crossing the border

we headed down to Dearborn and the Henry Ford Museum, which was to be the highlight of the day. But we arrived at 4:00 and the museum closed at 5:00, and they didn’t offer any kind of reduced admission. A nice cashier, though, said we could go take a peek into the main hall, where we saw this and not much else. Then we drove to Ann Arbor, had some Chinese food for dinner, and found a hotel.






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  1. Dad Rowell Avatar
    Dad Rowell

    I visited that Henry Ford museum back in the 1960’s, while at an IEEE meeting in Dearborn. Maybe in those days it was AIEE, before we 60Hz engineers joined with our high frequency IR(adio)E brothers. It certainly didn’t have an IMax theater then, but I don’t remember much about it.

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Susan and I visited on our last great XC tour back in 1990. I remember that it was big, and my favorite thing was a huge train (engine). We also got to peek at the Weiner Mobile through the gift shop window.

  2. Tongue-stir Avatar

    Yes, this is a must see if you are in the area. I love visiting Greenfield Village with the Wright Brother’s bicycle shop and Edison’s workshop. Cool to see how far we have come in an amazingly short span of time.

    1. tastewar Avatar