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  • North Adams

    North Adams

    This past weekend, Susan and I drove to the northwest corner of Massachusetts, to a town named North Adams, as a last chance vacation before school begins. This year, only one of us is actually going back to school, Susan, to teach eighth grade science again. Even Clara, who is still in school at NU, […]

  • The Mike Hike, 2015 Edition

    My friend MikeD is an avid hiker, and tries to get me and others out hiking on occasion. Often, we will do a long group hike when a bunch of us have taken a week long vacation together. Those vacations are generally up in northern New England, so hiking is a convenient activity. On many […]

  • Travelling Daze

    Friday and today (Saturday) have been/will be travel days. Friday, we drove back to Centennial from Breckenridge. It was a nice trip along I-70, though we first went over the Dillon Dam road, which was beautiful, and had an awesome looking bike path along side. In fact, that was one of the most notable things […]

  • Breckinridge, Day 3

    This was our big celebration day, and we started off with a scenic gondola ride from town up the mountain to the small amusement park there. We got to hike up a short way to touch snow in July, then we took a chair lift up to the alpine slide and slid back down! Fun! […]

  • Breckinridge, Day 2

    We enjoyed a lively Independence Day in “Breck” today. We went into town to watch the beginning of a bike race, and had 800 bikers pass us by, after which the parade went by, which lasted nearly an hour and a half. Lots of fun entries but only one band. After the parade we walked […]

  • Breckinridge Arrival

    We have arrived safe and sound in Breckinridge. We have a lovely half of a duplex a little ways out if town. After unpacking the van, we drove back into town to find our favorite pastime, ice cream!

  • Celebrating Centennial

    Taking a while to get into gear, but here we are in Centennial, CO, visiting Susan’s folks to celebrate her mom’s 80th birthday. We flew into town on Friday, via a very pleasant non-stop flight on Southwest with a comedienne for a flight attendant. Dusty picked us up in a van he rented far away […]

  • We’re Going to Disney!

    Actually, we’re almost done here, but it’s hard to find the time to write, especially when there’s no free wifi and Internet access in our room costs $9.95 per night. How antiquated. We came here because Clara had an optional travel meet at Disney, so we opted to make a short family vacation of it. […]

  • Thud.

    Went to watch a “Piano Drop” this evening at MIT Baker House. A semi-regular (based on availability of irreparable pianos) event, though none occurred during my four years there. I brought Clara and Tyler with me, thinking it would be a hoot for them. There were plenty of people there, news crews included, and a […]

  • Fin.

    We arrived yesterday at about 2:15 p.m. Feels good to be home, but we had some floors refinished while we were gone, so that meant lots of furniture to move before we could settle in. Which leaves today for unpacking, tomorrow for “rest,” then Monday it’s back to work!