Category: Technology

  • Shaving Hotel Costs

    In two or three of the hotels we’ve visited, the pop-up drain plug has been missing. In two or three others, the sink wouldn’t hold water in spite of the presence of a plug. This makes shaving rather less efficient. I tried to fix one of the non-water-holding ones, but failed. Are the missing ones […]

  • Whapped WAP

    As I mentioned earlier, my pictures were uploading to flickr very slowly last night, and when I woke up, I was not surprised to see that the upload had failed. I started it up again, and it failed on the second picture. After a couple more iterations, I decided to take another tack, and connect […]

  • Tom’s Titles

    I don’t tend to check the web-site everyday and Tom does 98% of the posting (many from the car while I’m driving and Jim Dale reads Harry Potter to us). He is doing a great job to keep up with the speed of our travels… But how about these post titles… He’s really out-doing himself […]

  • Backfill…

    I’ve been going back occasionally and filling in with posts from previous days. It’s hard to keep up in real time, and even though it feels wrong to pre-date blog postings, it feels like the right solution to make this a record of the trip. Be sure to look back a bit; there might be […]

  • Ketchup

    I’ve been playing catch up with the photos on Flickr. If you go to my page of “Collections” you will see the Collection for this trip, and in it, the many sets I’ve organized thus far. Still more to go, and hopefully I’ll keep up with current work in the future, although after tonight we […]

  • Literally Blew a Fuse

    We brought along a new powered cooler for the car, so that we could keep slightly more interesting food than bread and peanut butter for picnic lunches. Prior to coming through Canada, we hadn’t used it, as we didn’t want to deal with any customs issues. But yesterday, we used it for water bottles, then […]

  • Picture Posting

    I mentioned the router before. One of the laptops that connects to the router acts mainly as a server, running tasks in the background, and sitting unobtrusively in the trunk. When everything is working well, I can take pictures from in and around the car, and the Eye-Fi card in the camera will send them […]

  • Power to the Router!

    One problem with the Honda Odyssey is that when you kill the ignition, power to the “power outlets” goes off as well. Wanting to provide internet access with the car off meant doing a little work, so I’ve built an “Automotive UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).” Now, I can’t take much credit for this “invention” — […]