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  • Poor Boys and Pilgrims with Families

    And we are going to Graceland. What else to do in Memphis? Well, we decided to do one of the more obvious things, and take in some Americana. We arrived at about 4:45, certain that it would be closing (flashbacks of the Henry Ford museum…) shortly, and we’d be left taking pictures of the exterior […]

  • Here’s Mud in Your Island

    Thanks to Matt’s and Caryn’s suggestion, we stopped at Mud Island today, where there is a scale model of the Mississippi river that you can walk along (and in!). It’s about half a mile long, and the water gets to about a foot deep or so in places. It is one of our favorite places […]

  • He Jes’ Keep Rollin’ Along…

    We re-crossed the Mighty Mississipp’ today, and are (therefore) back in the east. Only this time, we did it much further south, on I-40 at the border between Arkansas and Tennessee.

  • The Pious South

  • Cough, Cough

    Clara has had a cough for essentially our entire trip. At the beginning, it seemed like the tail end of the cold she had had. And at times, it seemed to be getting better. But we finally had to admit that it wasn’t really clearing up, so we went to a clinic in downtown Conway, […]

  • It Looked Innocent Enough…

    The ice cream cone sign, visible from the interstate, drew us in. There was also a fresh food market inside, with produce and everything. Very nice! Who would have dreamed that this placid exterior hid a fast food restaurant inside? Well, there we were, and it wasn’t McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Hardees, etc. It […]

  • Lake Eufaula

  • Days Inn Confused

    for so long it’s not true. Here we are at the Days Inn in Shawnee, Oklahoma for the night. Faithful readers will know that we often stay at Comfort Inn, but there was none here, so we had to pick an alternative. We picked a restaurant for dinner from TomTom, hoping to find a local […]

  • Oklahoma, O.K!

    We’ve made it into Oklahoma, where we stopped at the first exit and had a picnic lunch. The visitor center was very nice and modern, with clean restrooms. The weather had cleared up almost completely, so the picnic was very enjoyable. The kids played in the grass and even got to feed some horses over […]

  • Biggest Cross

    We just passed by the “Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere.”