So, we made it to Geneva, and Emma met us at the airport. She helped us buy tickets for the tram, and that took us as far as the Cornavin train station, and from there we walked down to the Lac Léman (a.k.a. Lake Geneva) and waited until it was time to be let into our AirBNB apartment where we are staying for the week. We settled in, and some of us napped while Emma went off to run some errands. When Emma returned, we walked to the train station (which also has lots of shopping in it) and bought a local pre-paid SIM card for one of our phones, and did some grocery shopping. We returned to the apartment, had a light dinner, and then ventured out on a surprise outing that Emma had arranged to have fondue at a restaurant (Bains des Pâquis) on the lake. We had a great time there, the fondue was delicious, and the setting was lovely. Plus, we learned a thing or two about ordering fondue.