We begin our NorthEast Road Trip with a couple of nights in New Hampshire. We left after a full day of work on Friday, hitting the road just before 5:00 to join the other crazy people in the mad rush North out of The City. Shortly after, we realized that 40% of us lacked sneakers, so we stopped in Concord for shoe shopping and dinner. The LL Bean Outlet looked potentially promising but didn’t pan out. EMS had a small and expensive collection, with nothing really kid appropriate. Fortunately we found a Payless nearby and all three kids found footwear they could live with.

We passed by a Boloco just off the highway, and we’re planning to eat there but getting to Payless took us a bit away, and we happened upon a cute burrito joint in downtown, Dos Amigos, and ate there. Great atmosphere and very good burritos. An auspicious beginning to the trip. We then drove the remaining hour and a quarter to our lodging at Carlson’s Lodge, and were greeted, even at our late arrival time of 10:00, by a friendly, 14 year old dog. We got settled quickly and went right to sleep.