Mind over Matter: Stuff I cared about at the time

Rock Hounds

While the highlight of the day could arguably have been breakfast at Munroe’s Family Restaurant, which was awesome, probably a stronger case could be made for our next stop, which was Ruggle’s Mine.

Visiting old mines and quarries is a favorite activity of ours on vacation, and Ruggles was a pretty good example. It had a nice gift shop, complete with two elderly (or at least exceedingly calm) German Shepherds. The mine was mostly out in the open, though there were nooks and crannies to explore.


After that, we headed in the general direction of our lodge, and since it was late for lunch and early for dinner, we stopped for ice cream. While there, Emma happened upon a pamphlet about the 81st Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair. We initially thought it was in the same general direction as the Lodge, but later discovered out error. After a half hour drive, we arrived as cars were streaming out at 4:45. Turned out they close down at 5:00. We checked things out briefly as the artists were packing up.

With a two hour drive ahead of us, we decided to break it up with dinner, and stopped at the Route 104 Diner Everyone enjoyed their meal, and we then finished our trek back to the lodge, arriving somewhat earlier than our first night.

Some frisbee on the front lawn was followed by showers for all, and packing up so we’ll be ready for an early exit in the morning.