Longest Bike Ride Ever

Yesterday, to celebrate Independence Day (observed), we went to Crane Beach up in Ipswich. Avoiding the hottest part of the day, we went mid-afternoon and stayed until early evening. It was a good day to be at the beach, but the ocean water there, Brrrr! still cold.

The rest of the family drove the van up, but crazy me, I rode my bike. It should have been 34 miles, but I took an unintended, extended tour of Lynn, and made it 37 miles. Thanks to an anonymous biker and a resident of Lynnfield St. for setting me back on my intended path.

That makes it, I’m pretty certain, the longest ride I’ve done in one “sitting.”


6 responses to “Longest Bike Ride Ever”

  1. Wow. Impressive. Especially on a day like yesterday!

    How long did it take you?

    • My bike computer says it took 2:42. Susan would tell you it took a lot longer. The computer stops counting when the bike is stopped…

    • Though I may be crowing a little, my minor “accomplishment” is in no way intended to compare with your (or others’) major accomplishments running marathons! The bicycling equivalent of a marathon is the “century” — 100 miles, which I am obviously a long way from. Nor am I certain I want to actually ride a bike that long in one session. But the only way I would do 26.2 on foot would be walking :-). I don’t think my knees, let alone the rest of my body, would put up with the abuse of running. Besides, I look around me and see all these runners sustaining injuries — what’s a guy to think?

  2. How come we weren’t told about this?
    No wonder I can’t keep up with Emma.