Mind over Matter: Stuff I cared about at the time

  • A Shard of the Truth

    Have you ever caught some bright spot of light out of the corner of your eye? You move your head around to try and catch another glimpse; to find its source, but it’s gone. Maybe you forget about it, or ignore it, then all of a sudden it’s there again. It’s elusive, like a rabbit […]

  • Lead Blanket

    There is a heaviness. It’s always there.When I awake in the morning, I am still weary.I go about my day, I can make it.This isn’t so differentI’ve worked from home for years, and yetIt is … so very different. I go out with the dog for just a minute.When I return, I wash my hands […]

  • The Sameness

    Today it is Monday, I leap from my bed, I bathroom and shower, wash the dirt from my head. I walk with the dog, and I survey our town, I brew some fresh coffee and then settle down. It’s a work day of course, that’s easy to know, I sit on the couch and log […]

  • Pandemic Polemic

    May you live in interesting times. Not, it seems, an “old Chinese curse,” but a curse no less. The article linked above has a good quote from an 1898 speech delivered by Joseph Chamberlain, father of Neville Chamberlain: I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times. (Hear, hear.) I never […]

  • We’re an American Pant!

    As I started to write this, I searched for my previous post on the topic, and turns out I’ve not only written twice before but I already used a variant of the pun in the title. Sigh. Old habits… Anyway, what brought me back to the writing desk is that my two current pairs of […]

  • The Bug Hunt

    A few years ago, someone’s project came up on my Twitter Feed (or elsewhere — it’s been a while, and I don’t remember with certainty) that caught my interest. This happens with an alarming frequency, but most of the time I can stifle the interest sufficiently to avoid ordering all the parts. Our house is […]

  • Geneva Wrapup

    All in all, we had a great trip to Geneva. This is (for us) a once-in-a-lifetime type of family vacation. We were immensely grateful to have Emma there as our guide and interpreter. It’s very clear that it’s possible to get around without any knowledge of French (or German or Italian, the two other common […]

  • Travel Day 2

    Travel Day 2 means time to go home, of course, which is sad in a way, but in other ways we were ready. We woke early, finished packing and cleaning, then headed off to a local boulangerie for breakfast, something we hadn’t done on the trip previously. Emma met us there, and we had a […]

  • Montreux

    Yesterday we took the train to Montreux. No Jazz Festival at the moment, but we spent a good part of the day exploring Château de Chillon. This is an amazing castle dating back to the 11th century. We walked all through the 47 tour stations, taking in bedrooms, dining halls, dungeons, latrines, etc. The views […]

  • Shopping ConCERN

    Today we met Emma at Gare Cornavin, bought tickets, and hopped on a tram headed to CERN. We did not have tickets for a tour, but have heard mixed reviews on the tour anyway. So we were able to go into the Globe, which is their visitors center. There was a theater with a brief […]