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  • Whither Weather?

    A long, long time ago, we had an amateur weather station (Oregon Scientific WMR-968) at our house. It had a wind vane/anemometer; a rain gauge; an outdoor thermometer/hygrometer; and an indoor thermometer/hygrometer/barometer. It came with a nice LCD display, and all the instruments communicated their data to the display wirelessly. The instruments also had a […]

  • Going out of Business!

    As a kid in high school, I loved reading through the catalogs that came in the mail. Biking catalogs were a favorite. Bike Nashbar and Performance Bicycle I remember. Campmor was another with all kinds of cool outdoorsy gear. But one of the most interesting that came in our mailbox was the Hidalgo Sunglasses catalog. […]

  • Hilarity Ensues

    Probably some background would be helpful to appreciate this, but, well, just watch… http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/06/11/mark-reads-shadow-war-of-the-night-dragons/