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I’ve always had an interest in locks and locksmithing. A few years ago, I bought someone’s re-pinning kit on eBay. It was in pretty rough shape, so I removed all the pins, put them in teeny little ziploc bags, and imagined I would eventually get around to sanding and re-painting it. But I never did. So when Tyler asked for something on which he might practice powder coating, I immediately thought of that sad metal case. I gave it to him, and then forgot about it. On Christmas Day, though, when I opened my present from Tyler, there it was! But not at all how I remembered it. It ended up being too big for his powder coating oven, but he cleaned it up and gave it an amazing custom paint job! So cool!

So this week, I finally got around to putting the pins back in their little compartments, and ordering a few more to fill some of the empty compartments. Over the years, I have used the kit to re-key my house so that now all the locks can be opened with the same key. And here it is now, all ready for my next career as a locksmith. Heh. I have spent some time trying to pick locks, but haven’t gotten to the point of being reliable, and in the end, I don’t really care to invest the time. But I do enjoy being able to re-key locks!