Mind over Matter: Stuff I cared about at the time

Lead Blanket

There is a heaviness.

It’s always there.
When I awake in the morning, I am still weary.
I go about my day, I can make it.
This isn’t so different
I’ve worked from home for years, and yet
It is … so very different.

I go out with the dog for just a minute.
When I return, I wash my hands like a madman,
though I’ve. touched. nothing.
Where is the virus? I don’t know. It’s
probably not floating in the air.
It could be on a surface!
It can live for days on hard surfaces, you know!
Maybe it’s lurking in that child next door.

In fact it’s not pervasive.

The uncertainty; the anxiety; the fear.
that’s what’s pervasive.

And it weighs me down.