Commuting Stats

When we left off, I had commuted by bike 1/1 full days to Waltham. In the ensuing three weeks, I’ve had seven full days here, and have commuted by bike five of those. Pretty pleased so far. The trip to work ends with the final mile and a quarter incorporating three uphills. They are not long, but they are still challenging for me. The first, on Main St. in Waltham just before crossing I-95 is about a quarter mile long and climbs fifty feet. The second comes after turning onto Bear Hill Rd. and elevates me 54 feet over .14 miles — basically twice as steep. On the first, if I really push, I can almost maintain 8 mph up it (but not quite). That second hill, I am generally glad to just get up and over, although the past two days I have climbed it out of the saddle, which got my heart rate up to 161. The third hill is really not much of a hill. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t notice unless you’d just been up two other challenging hills — 38 feet over .13 miles. Well, that’s what the GPS reports anyway. Looking at the numbers, I’m surprised it’s as close to that second hill as it seems to be. But altitude is GPS’ least accurate dimension, so who knows for sure.