A Very Placid Day

Today we spend largely in the Lake Placid area, after an excellent breakfast at the ADK Cafe on Rt. 73 where Emma had the best French Toast she’s ever had, made with homemade bread. From there, it was just a few miles up the road to Lake Placid, and on the way we stopped at one of the Olympic Training Centers to look into letting the kids have a bobsled run (with trained driver and brakeman). They were a bit busy, but we bought tickets for later in the day for Emma and Tyler, as Clara wasn’t interested. We then drove up into the little resort town, with a very brief stop at the ski jumping area, but you had to pay to drive closer, and we had a pretty good view from the road, and nobody was particularly interested in taking the elevator up to look down the jump and ride back down the elevator. We did see a few kids coming down into the parking lot on luges, which was presumably something else you could pay to do. In the town, it started to rain, and in fact it even hailed a bit! We parked and walked; had some ice cream, then split into two groups for the rest of the afternoon while the weather continued to rain on and off. Clara and Tom stayed in town, checking out all the little shops, while Susan, Emma, and Tyler went back to the bobsled area. Emma and Tyler had an excellent run on the bobsled, though apparently their run was at the height of the rain. Emma is pretty convinced at this point that its her pants that are cursed, bringing on downpours while she’s outdoors and unable to shelter. After we met up again, we drove back down the mountain and to the next town over, and had a nice dinner at the Noon Mark Diner.