A Full Day of Montreal

When we woke up this morning, and started planning our day, it was drizzly, and the forecast called for possible rain until mid afternoon. So we planned more of an indoorsy day, including the Underground City and a Metro trip out to the BioSphere but by the time we were ready to go, the rain had stopped and the sky was blue.

So, we changed plans somewhat, and walked some distance in the Underground City,20140804-195234-71554705.jpg then hopped on the Metro to get back close to Old Montreal. We spent a good part of the morning walking around the Old City, enjoying the geography, architecture, historic sites, 20140804-194306-70986440.jpgand the artists on Place Jacques Cartier. 20140804-194306-70986136.jpgWe ended up eating lunch at a restaurant where the rest of the family ate lunch last time they were in Montreal, then we walked down to the Old Port and enjoyed more little shops, etc. Afterwards, we wound our way back through the Old Port,20140804-194305-70985752.jpg found an ice cream shop on a side street en route to Notre Dame, where we stopped to take photos.20140804-194305-70985385.jpg Then back to our cozy apartment where we cooked a simple dinner of pasta and Caesar Salad.