Month: October 2010

  • #Rally4Sanity On our way home

    We took a quick walking tour around DC after the rally, which may have killed our chances of making our plane. But hopefully not. The subway was both broken and miserably packed. We’re on a commuter bus now on our way to BWI for our 7:20 flight.

  • #Rally4Sanity Slight Miscalculation

    Apparently the MARC Commuter train doesn’t run on Saturdays. We were able to get Amtrak tix to DC which will get us there by about 10:30, but getting back to the airport will be a bit more problematic…

  • #Rally4Sanity

    Emma and I are preparing to fly to DC tomorrow for Jon Stewart’s (and/or Stephen Colbert’s) rally. We got a cheap flight on Southwest so our travel costs are just under $200, plus it looks like about $24 for rail transit from BWI to DC.