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The badlands of South Dakota are quite amazing. Pictures won’t do it justice, but here’s one anyway

The structures are amazing, and they come in many different colors and textures. The feel of the clay soil beneath youyr feet is very different from “regular” soil, especially when wet! And of course, we did have some rain today.







3 responses to “Badlands”

  1. Dad Rowell Avatar
    Dad Rowell

    Congratulations on reaching the Mountain Time Zone. We grant you an extra hour today.
    Wow, Wall Drug Store too. Just climb a couple thousand feet more, and you’ll be a mile high in a few days. Good luck with the camping experience.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you get to see some fireworks tonight! Speaking of night, have you had a chance to look at the night sky at all? You should be able to see lots more stars than you can here in the Boston area.

    I’m enjoying the pictures you’ve been posting to flickr and your comments here although I thought for sure that Desmet Mitchell was one of the members of the Jimi Hendrix Experience!

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Hi Sam!

      Thanks for the Independence Day wishes. No fireworks for us, sadly. But at least we didn’t wait 12 hours at Mt. Rushmore on the 3rd only to have the fireworks be practically invisible due to the fog. At least that’s what we heard. And as for the night sky, we have yet to see a clear night, though tonight might be one. No, wait, I’m looking up and it’s cloudy again. But we won’t complain about the weather — the rain (rarely heavy) has kept others away from some of the attractions, but not us! Today, on the other hand, was a gorgeous day out here in South Dakota, which I will write about elsewhere. Pictures are a bit on hold as we are camping, and internet connectivity is a bit sketchy. The nights in hotels have been great for catching up on picture posting, for the 90% of the time that they don’t end up getting automatically posted. Free WiFi in hotels has become pretty much standard.