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They Could … Go … All … The … Way!

Well, perhaps it’s too early make such a prediction, but we did at least get on the road today. Our friends Larry and Amy, and their children Allison and Jeffrey treated us to breakfast this morning, which was a real treat! Then our neighbors, the Greers, took our picture before we headed on our way.

We were a little later than we intended in getting on the road this morning, but that was mostly because we decided to have some floors refinished, since the house will be devoid of living things for a span.

We followed Rt. 2 from Arlington all the way through Massachusetts up to the northwest corner, then into New York and Troy, where our friends Wendy and Charles, and their children Gregory and Marguerite, treated us to lunch. What a great way to start a trip!

After a relaxing lunch, we found our way to I-87 S and then I-90 W, which took us out to Rochester, where we are spending our first night.







6 responses to “They Could … Go … All … The … Way!”

  1. Christine Avatar

    Miss you already! Can you hear us singing our praise songs? We’re sending them north by northwest! Love, C.

  2. Wendy Avatar

    It was great to see you! We’ll be following your trip – have fun.

    –Wendy, Charles, Gregory and Marguerite

  3. Jeffrey Candell Avatar
    Jeffrey Candell

    Hi everyone –

    Glad you liked the breakfast!

    The Rattler might go all the way – we won two games this weekend. We play again tonight if it isn’t raining.

    Love, Jeff

    1. tastewar Avatar

      Congrats, Jeff! Good luck to the Rattlers! The results for tonight’s game have yet to be posted, unless of course the game was postponed due to weather…

  4. Jeffrey Candell Avatar
    Jeffrey Candell

    Hello Stewart family – The Rattlers played the Lookouts yesterday in the AA World Series and we won 1-0!

    Bye for now –

    1. tastewar Avatar

      That’s awesome, Jeff! Congratulations!!