Mind over Matter: Stuff I cared about at the time

  • Picture Posting

    I mentioned the router before. One of the laptops that connects to the router acts mainly as a server, running tasks in the background, and sitting unobtrusively in the trunk. When everything is working well, I can take pictures from in and around the car, and the Eye-Fi card in the camera will send them […]

  • Continental Breakfast

    We didn’t make it as far yesterday as we had hoped, largely due to a lengthy wait to cross the border into Canada. Then a short while after we had made it, we ran into heavy traffic due to an accident. But when we got up this morning, the day looked fine, and we had […]

  • Did you think Niagara would be Dry?

    We visited Niagara Falls today! And as Sam warned us, it truly is more spectacular in person than photos would indicate. When we left our hotel this morning, it was 80 degrees and sunny. By the time we got to Niagara, we had driven through some rain and the temp had dropped 12 degrees. When […]

  • Shhhhhh…

    Rochester, NY: Thanks to fabulous light blocking curtains and a late night at the hotel pool, it’s 8:00 a.m. and the girls are still sleeping!! (Tyler is reading nicely with a little book light.) Get Up!! Time to go to Niagara Falls!

  • They Could … Go … All … The … Way!

    Well, perhaps it’s too early make such a prediction, but we did at least get on the road today. Our friends Larry and Amy, and their children Allison and Jeffrey treated us to breakfast this morning, which was a real treat! Then our neighbors, the Greers, took our picture before we headed on our way. […]

  • Bye Marion!

    This afternoon our cat Marion went to “camp” at our friend, Susan O.’s house. She seemed willing to explore her new setting and she will be loved and cared for. Thank you so much, Susan. Have fun being spoiled Marion. That means our house is now pet-free and plant free (on our back porch for […]

  • We’re talking hours now…

    33 hours ’til blast off. You know it’s getting close when you are talking in hours. Just the pesky matter of Emma’s team winning the Arlington Town Softball Major League Championship before we go. Decisive game #3 tomorrow (Friday) at 5:30 p.m. Go Cardinals!

  • 3 More Days!

    I’m so excited! Only 3 more days until the trip! We have packed clothes, cooking supplies, and some of the camping gear. We’ll pack some more tomorrow, and I hope we get it done by Saturday!

  • Bye Bobbi!

    Our caring and snake-loving friends, Janet and David, just came this morning to collect Bobbi. Bobbi is our 4-ft. ball python who will be vacationing in scenic Quincy. Have fun Bobbi, we’ll miss you. Thanks for snake-sitting, Janet and David!

  • Power to the Router!

    One problem with the Honda Odyssey is that when you kill the ignition, power to the “power outlets” goes off as well. Wanting to provide internet access with the car off meant doing a little work, so I’ve built an “Automotive UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).” Now, I can’t take much credit for this “invention” — […]