Category: Poetry

  • Lead Blanket

    There is a heaviness. It’s always there.When I awake in the morning, I am still weary.I go about my day, I can make it.This isn’t so differentI’ve worked from home for years, and yetIt is … so very different. I go out with the dog for just a minute.When I return, I wash my hands […]

  • The Sameness

    Today it is Monday, I leap from my bed, I bathroom and shower, wash the dirt from my head. I walk with the dog, and I survey our town, I brew some fresh coffee and then settle down. It’s a work day of course, that’s easy to know, I sit on the couch and log […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yes, this is a bit late. Here’s a poem I wrote for our family football pool mailing list, as I’ve been in the habit of writing one for the weekly mailing. Usually, they are football related, and they are always written under pressure of time. So don’t judge too harshly 🙂 Pause for a minute […]