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  • The Mike Hike, 2015 Edition

    My friend MikeD is an avid hiker, and tries to get me and others out hiking on occasion. Often, we will do a long group hike when a bunch of us have taken a week long vacation together. Those vacations are generally up in northern New England, so hiking is a convenient activity. On many […]

  • In Memoriam: Paul James Stewart, Jr. (1929-2010)

    My father died this past Veteran’s Day, at the nursing home he lived at just over a month. He had not been well, but I think we were blind to how quickly he was going downhill. He suffered from Parkinson’s and dementia, but after countless neurological consults, nobody could apply a definitive label to his […]

  • 98.5% There

    Yesterday was our longest driving day, covering about 465 miles, and leaving about 120 miles for today. We are currently having a relaxing morning with my parents in North Haven, Connecticut.

  • Tom’s Titles

    I don’t tend to check the web-site everyday and Tom does 98% of the posting (many from the car while I’m driving and Jim Dale reads Harry Potter to us). He is doing a great job to keep up with the speed of our travels… But how about these post titles… He’s really out-doing himself […]

  • Hospitality

    Last night we stayed with Matt and Caryn and their family. Matt and Caryn lived in Belmont eleven years ago, where we attended the same church. At the time, we both had children one year old, about the only two kids in the church. They left for Arkansas about eleven years ago, where Caryn’s family […]

  • Family Ties

    Yesterday, after a short morning at the Grand Canyon, we visited with Susan’s cousin Edith and her family in Flagstaff. They fed us a lovely lunch, and for dinner, Don barbecued up a feast for us, and for aunt Judith, cousin Walter, and his family as well. Wow! It was great catching up with them […]

  • 18 Years Ago Today

    Susan and I were married in Belmont, Massachusetts! Happy Anniversary to us!

  • Lazy On A Sunday Afternoon

    In spite of the occasional threat of rain and thunder/lightning, we had a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon here in Colorado. Uncle Mark and Aunt Rosa came home from church with us, and we enjoyed some family time together. Around mid-afternoon, Nina, Mike, and their boys, Harry and Jack came over and we headed over to […]

  • Susan’s High School BFF

    You may not know that I moved with my parents out to Denver the summer before my senior year in high school. I left Needham High with a class of 450 and came to Cherry Creek High with a class of 850. I made not one single friend in the senior class that year, BUT […]

  • Pretty House

    The (in)famous Casa Bonita was the site of our evening repast today, but not just ours. We had arranged for a mini Calvary Reunion of sorts, and met up with our former intern Calob and his wife Sarah, and Nancy and her nephew Jared. Casa Bonita is more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience. […]