Tom’s Titles

I don’t tend to check the web-site everyday and Tom does 98% of the posting (many from the car while I’m driving and Jim Dale reads Harry Potter to us). He is doing a great job to keep up with the speed of our travels… But how about these post titles… He’s really out-doing himself this week. All this on only one cup of coffee (or less) per day!

Susan’s High School BFF

You may not know that I moved with my parents out to Denver the summer before my senior year in high school. I left Needham High with a class of 450 and came to Cherry Creek High with a class of 850. I made not one single friend in the senior class that year, BUT had one excellent friend from the junior class (in chemistry class with me). I also showed up in her youth group at her church, which is where I built all my other friendships, none as lasting as this.

Last night we visited Nina and her family for dinner and catching up. She and Michael and their sons, Harry and Jack, hosted us for a wonderful meal, fun playing outside and decorating their car windows for the Little League World Series games Saturday afternoon. Good Luck, Harry and Jack! Thanks for everything Nina and Mike!

By the way…

While our main goal on this trip is to have fun and see many amazing wonders, which we certainly have been doing, we had a few personal guidelines to help us make decisions along the way:

1. No fast food – Subway is allowed but we haven’t been there yet and Dairy Queen is allowed for ice cream only. Unfortunately some of the food at tourist places like Niagara was not much better than fast food – we have been having lots of picnics. So far, so good.

2. No Wal-Mart – we were directed to Wal-mart when we asked about the nearest grocery store – but we declined and waited for a better opportunity. So far, so good.

3. Return in better shape than when we left (parents mostly) – no great progress to report on this one, but we are plenty active when we get out of the car, so I think we are holding steady. There will be more hiking in the 2nd part of the trip.

Just a little insight into the strange workings of our minds.

More about our fun day at the Rockies game in another post!!!

Bye Marion!

This afternoon our cat Marion went to “camp” at our friend, Susan O.’s house. She seemed willing to explore her new setting and she will be loved and cared for. Thank you so much, Susan. Have fun being spoiled Marion.
That means our house is now pet-free and plant free (on our back porch for watering by neighbor, again, thanks). Playoffs are done (Cardinals (Emma) lost in the crucial 3rd game to take 2nd place in the league) and the Mariners (Tyler) lost in the National League West semis in a good game. Time to sleep!!