Travelling Daze

Friday and today (Saturday) have been/will be travel days. Friday, we drove back to Centennial from Breckenridge. It was a nice trip along I-70, though we first went over the Dillon Dam road, which was beautiful, and had an awesome looking bike path along side. In fact, that was one of the most notable things about Breckenridge and many of the mountain towns out here — lots of bike trails. Of course, it’s easier to include them when there’s just so much open space, but regardless of why, it does make it very inviting to cyclists.

After arriving back at the Rowell Ranch, we had lunch, ran some errands, and tried to go swimming again, but there was thunder within earshot, so the pool remained closed for the duration of the afternoon. We had a lovely taco dinner together, thanks to Donna (and Emma), and then the Stewarts went off to visit Susan’s high school friend, Nina. We visited with her and her family for a bit, got to meet their dog, Ruby, and cat, Oreo, and play on their trampoline.

Today is an easy day of packing up, then a late afternoon flight through Chicago that gets us home (well, to Logan) after midnight. Then church awaits, bright and early Sunday morning!

Breckinridge, Day 3

This was our big celebration day, and we started off with a scenic gondola ride from town up the mountain to the small amusement park there. We got to hike up a short way to touch snow in July, then we took a chair lift up to the alpine slide and slid back down! Fun! We walked around town a bit more before heading back for lunch at the house. We spent a quiet afternoon there, then went out for dinner to celebrate Grammie’s birthday, then back for cake and games.


Breckinridge, Day 2

We enjoyed a lively Independence Day in “Breck” today. We went into town to watch the beginning of a bike race, and had 800 bikers pass us by, after which the parade went by, which lasted nearly an hour and a half. Lots of fun entries but only one band. After the parade we walked around the town and visited many of the little shops, and had a quick lunch of hamburgers before heading back to our rental house.
Mid-afternoon, grampa took a group to see the railroad museum nearby, where there were a couple of snow clearing cars. I walked home after a brief excursion back into town.




Breckinridge Arrival

We have arrived safe and sound in Breckinridge. We have a lovely half of a duplex a little ways out if town. After unpacking the van, we drove back into town to find our favorite pastime, ice cream!


Celebrating Centennial

Taking a while to get into gear, but here we are in Centennial, CO, visiting Susan’s folks to celebrate her mom’s 80th birthday. We flew into town on Friday, via a very pleasant non-stop flight on Southwest with a comedienne for a flight attendant. Dusty picked us up in a van he rented far away from the airport, at a fraction of the cost it would have been there. It’s always a great time at the Rowells’ — they are the best of hosts, have a lovely home, and even have a pool in their development. It’s Monday now, and the kids have been to the pool every day. We’ve been working on divvying up cooking duties among the next generation, so Mom Rowell can better enjoy the time with family. Donna’s on duty for dinner tonight, and as her husband Ben couldn’t make the trip, she has adopted Emma as her cooking partner. They are cooking up some halibut that Donna caught in Port Angeles, WA, and brought with her (frozen). Susan’s sisters Donna and Nancy, and Nancy’s husband Craig are in town. Brother Mark, Mark’s wife Rosa, and Rosa’s sister-in-law Violet live nearby, and we will all be traveling to Breckenridge to share a home for 3 days and see the sights together.

I failed to bring a camera, but I can’t let that be an excuse, as the phone takes generally acceptable photos. Hopefully, I will post more regularly for the rest of the week, with photos.