House Update

Over the winter, we had our old two-level back porch torn down and replaced. The old porches were getting a bit soft in the wood, and of course required regular maintenance (mostly painting). We also wanted to make them larger and hence more usable, in addition to creating a third level deck to complement the doors we added to our attic finishing project that until now led to the steeply pitched porch roof.


The decking is ipe wood, a hardwood that is very durable and insect resistant. The railings are mahogany, and the rest of the framing is PT lumber. Our hope is that this will make for a low maintenance addition to our home that is very usable.

One unforeseen effect is that with the decking spaced as decking normally is, rain now comes through the second floor and drips down onto the first floor porch. The previous flooring had been painted and installed with no spacing, so the rain ran off the end instead. Of course, the second floor is actually roofed, so it’s just wind-blown rain, but inevitably when it rains, we get more rain on the first floor porch now than we used to.

The deck on the third floor is a nice new addition. Up there, with the greater exposure to the sun, we had composite decking installed. One fun thing we were able to do is make the deck two-tone. The railings are the same mahogany as the other levels.

Our contractor was going to install the very pedestrian lattice for the skirt, but I prefer the look of the previous vertical slats, so I will be working on that later this spring.

4 responses to “House Update”

  1. i love the third floor deck! is that off of the master bedroom? is that all facing south?

    • Yes; it’s off the master bedroom. I think the doors face southeast-ish, but it’s about the most south facing exposure we’ve got. Which is why those buckets are there — it’s an attempt at a vegetable garden.

  2. There is nothing like a new deck to start the summer. All of them look great. Nice work. Enjoy!