Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, this is a bit late. Here’s a poem I wrote for our family football pool mailing list, as I’ve been in the habit of writing one for the weekly mailing. Usually, they are football related, and they are always written under pressure of time. So don’t judge too harshly 🙂

Pause for a minute to reflect, on the men and women we elect,
On the soldiers who our freedoms protect, and all who warrant our respect.
And be thankful.

Think, if you will of all we expect, the greed that can our souls infect,
When we our blessings do neglect, and God’s great offered peace reject.
And be thankful.

So on this holiday connect, with family and friend and seek to perfect,
Creation; and in joy bedecked, let the Hallelujahs go unchecked.
And be thankful!


2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Thanks, Scott. Here’s a more typical example, from this week:

    The Saints of New Orleans looked great,
    And we by comparison, second rate,
    While it furrows my brow,
    Come ten weeks from now,
    Might Superbowl Champs be their fate?