Camping Redux

Tonight we are in Green River State Park, Utah. We made it out of Colorado (sadly), and on to our first night of four consecutive camping nights. We will be here one night only, then two nights at the next site, between Bryce and Zion, then a fourth night on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. After that, a night in a lodge on the south rim, then on to Flagstaff, Arizona to visit with Susan’s cousins and aunt.

6 thoughts on “Camping Redux”

  1. Very pretty scenery and it looks like great weather as you head west. And it doesn’t look like you have much traffic to worry about. The inside of the Eisenhower Tunnel looks a lot like the Sumner and Callahan tunnels here in Boston.

    1. Thanks for looking at the pictures, Sam. I am stuck with limited access at the moment, so pictures are few and far between for now.

  2. Glad that you could share one of my favorite picnic sites at grizzly Creek in Glenwood Canyon. (It’s quiet here.)

    1. It was indeed a nice site, and we enjoyed the break there. I hope that the quiet isn’t all bad 🙂

    1. Almost. I didn’t really finish my thoughts on the campsite. It was a nice site, but the freight trains kept waking us up. At least four of them through the night, last one at 4 a.m.

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